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    This is a game I just finished...I know it is not a very high quality game from both sides, but I lost playing as black. I would appreciate any analysis I could get from anyone who sees this. I blundered at move 28, but I would appreciate analysis of the positions before that blunder. I played as black

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    This is the game I would like to analyze:


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    Since nobody comment on my previous 4 games, I find it useless to post more games. To bad. I would like to learn from my pears.

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    I thought I was bad after 11 moves, but after 21 moves it's mate 

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    Plz do msg me if my game is chosen 

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    Here is mine



    Message if mine is chosen

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    http://www.chess.com/livechess/game?id=1299155364   :) Hi Gm Krush, would love your feedback against NM  :)

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    This is an OTB game that I played a couple of years ago at the Eastern Class Championships in Sturbridge, MA.  My opponent was rated about 230 points higher than me and I was up a knight for a pawn.  He had offered me a draw a couple of times around move 42-44 but I declined. I finally agreed to the draw on move 52.

    For this particular tournament I got the privilege of driving GM Alex Lenderman up & back to the tournament.  He had taken an interest in this particular game while I was playing it and told me afterward that this should be "easily winning".

    I know Alex was right.  I also know that the winning plan in the final position is to attack the weakness on e6, but I couldn't figure out how to make progress.  My fear was that if I tried to maneuver my rook to the 6th rank, I would start getting checked to death as my opponent was eager to make the draw.  The other concern I had was the the black rook is way more active than mine, and I feared losing the d-pawn and/or the f-pawn.  That would erase my material advantage and given that the opponent was more than 200 points higher than me, I figured I would lose in that case.

    Here is the game:

    So, again, the million dollar question is, how to attack the weakness on e6 without losing the backward pawns and/or getting checked to death (and getting a draw anyway)?

    Please let me know if you choose my game for Irina's show.  I certainly want to be present if she reviews it!  Thanks for your consideration.

    --Al Pinto (aka FatherPinhead)

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