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    i was black

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    In this game I thought that I had an advantage after trading a rook, bishop and two pawns for my opponent's queen (and the illusion of a decisive attack) but quickly found myself with very limited choices and eventually lost down a pawn

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    I think I was doing pretty well until that Rook move, but then everything just fell apart :(

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    Can we still post games here? If so, I have one or two I want to post.

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    Hi Danny, 

    I submit the following game for Roman's Member Analysis show. I think it was played on a relatively high level.


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    Thank you!

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    I would like to submit the following game for member analysis from Roman. 

    The game is played by two lower rated players and shows how bad things should have gone after one player (myself on this occation) places most of his pawns on light squares in the opening. It's a reminder that you have to look for tactics when this occurs.
    It also shows the imporance of trading down to a won endgame when you are up in material.

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    I would like to submit another game for analysis. I think the most interesting part is the opposite colored bishop endgame where a bishop sacrifice won the game for me.

    The middlegame was summed up with a great and precise build-up for the attack, and a blunder when white was just about to crack... 

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