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Need help analyzing

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    My analysis:

    Black played 25...Qxc2.

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    Need help analyzing whole game, but especially between moves 13 to 15. What would have been the best move if the knight did not take my bishop, since that opened my game. Also, i was wondering if someone higher rated than me can help with my opening, middle, and closing game.

    It would be will appreciated, since i have only been playing for a year now and I want to get to the the next level, e.g 1300+.  

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    This was a 5 minute game

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    I don't really know, other than to stop playing this horrible gambit, black had a much better position out of the opening. 2. exd5 is much easier to play.

    I'd probably grab the pawn back move 16. If he'd have played d5 at some point I don't see your compensation for the pawn.

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    It was my first time trying it this opening, so far im 1-0 brah with it. So, I going to keep trying it untikl i get a losing record. Plus, brah do you want to play me because I will use this openign and go 2-0.

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    7...d5 is 0-1 as far as I'm concerned.

    Now please stop spamming my messages or you're getting blocked.

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    i'm best new player brah. Did you see my silver medal brah

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    letsgohome if you think your game went bad between the 13-15th move you do not understand this opening at all.  You went wrong on your 4th move.

    You need to find a very strong player willing to point out your mistakes so that you [hopefully] will not make the same or similar mistakes in the future.

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    What is the mistake brah

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    After 10 moves has white developed one piece less then black and has black one pawn more. So, I would suggest you start from move 4 on to move 10 and find improvements. There must be more of them.

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