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OTB v +258 Opponent

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    Its been a long time since I posted a forum, but I've been getting back to playing OTB and hopefully more active on  Anyways, I just played my 3rd rated OTB game in about 3 years and I played a much higher ranked opponent.  It was game 75 +5seconds, I was white he was black.  I posted my thoughts before looking at any computer analysis.  Thanks.

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    Good Game

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    I'm trying to get better at end games, so I'll take a stab at this one besides your thought that 31...Rb2 would have been better. Also Black seemed eager to trade his last two pieces which you don't usually do unless you like the looks of the end game.

    I think Black should have played 34...c4 making a passed pawn. It looks like it would have given Black enough tempo to get a King-side pawn through for a draw at worst, or a win if White had misplayed. Did I miss something?

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    Mark I belive you were right, he was fighting time and the whole game, but you are correct, I thought about that too but wasn't really sure, he could have had the advantave early on with Qxb2 as well

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