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Succesfull attack without a Queen

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    Hello, I'd like to present this puzzle. This is the ending of my last game

    I was planning attack, but forgot about my Queen and lost it. But I decided to continue my attack and actually won.

    Maybe you will find a lot of mistakes, but please do not forget that players rating is ~1300.

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    very nice.

  • 6 years ago · Quote · #3


    25... gxf6?

    25... 0-0-0! white is now in big trouble

  • 6 years ago · Quote · #4


    I think it was impossible to 0-0-0 because of my rook on b7. But taking my pawn was a mistake. He had to do something better.

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    The rook on b7 does not prevent 0-0-0. Castling is a legal move as long as the king is not in check and would not be in check on any square it passes. The rook on b7 doesn't attack e8, d8, or c8.

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    26.Rg8 could be a good move from Black as it would have a counterattack effect since no good attack came from the discovered check.

    27.Be7 loses the Bishop,on the other hand.

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    Subham, yeah I was afraid of Rg8.

    Thanks for pointing me 0-0-0, I did not see this move.

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    After computer analisys:

    (-2.35) BLUNDER - Lucky you! Your opponent blundered! The best move was 19... O-O-O

    and I made just 2 blinders, much better than before :)

  • 6 years ago · Quote · #10


    Every move for black I was trying to queenside castle, haha. I think maybe because it was a lower rated game, your opponent also did not understand the rule of castling. Your king cannot move into or through check. The rook can go through a threat without problem.

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    Yeah, it was lower reated game. And this is why I decided to post this ending, so lower level players will be able to see mistakes. Because when you see high level games you can not see such "bad" mistakes and you will be not aware of them.

    I'm sorry, I had to make this puzzle from White's side, this is my first post.

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    Apart from 0-0-0, Ne3 was a better defence for black on the first move.

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    Nice idea to block e-file, it would take me more time to open it then, or I was able to play Bxf7.

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