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Trapping the Queen

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    Here is a fun game that I hope others find interesting. Any comments/suggestions are welcome!

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    I don't think 35 Bxd7 really hurt you.  It eliminated that bishop and most of his counterplay.

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    Yeah, I don't think it was horrible. However, Rxf7 looks like a monster of a move. I like to analyze my games first, before computer analysis, so it'll be interesting to see what Houdini says. 

    The reason I'm so irritated with myself is that I didn't even see the threat on the rook. I got "lucky" that my queen was going to a square where I could recapture. Like I said, I had tunnel vision and dismissed the move as simply guarding the pawn. I'm really working hard to look at 'all the things' a move does. 

    Other than that, I think I played a solid game. I think I had some better lines in the endgame too, but I was up enough where there was probably dozens of winning lines. 

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