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We need more amateurs to post their annotated games.

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    Lucifer99 wrote:



    right, I missed that, I was just mainly focused on an attack on the 1 file, oops.

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    Alright, here's a game I just played, I'll post a little puzzle after showing why he lost his queen. 

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    He lost his queen here, show the only move that he can make without losing his queen, and then show the move that'll still take it.

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    I liked this game a lot. I played Black.

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    well generally with 3 Bb5+ you want to play Bd7 and get the Light squared Bishops off, but you played well

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    Bb5 in the Sicilian is actually a bookline; I actually made a group for it. White's bishop capture seemed a bit premature, and indeed, white let you take the center. 9. g4 was a blunder, since you had not castled yet. 14. Kg3 would have given white fighting chances, but the move played was suicidal. Your kingside assault played out pretty nicely, although the queen should have stayed on h3. (If the knight ever moved, Qxh1 would be winning.) Something along the lines of 16. ...Ba6 would be a reasonable continuation, with a queenside castle and a c4 push soon to follow. 22. dxc4 put up no resistance at all.

    On the whole, a well-played game by black. Nice win!

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    These are two otb tournament games that i recently played. Can anyone help me analyze them?

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    Not posted for a while and thought this game had some good points. I've not played much live chess recently as I've been focusing more on online so hopefully this has helped me improve.

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    @ new-at-chess - 1st game -  5... qxd4 was obviously a terrible move - you could have mated him much quicker than you did but you got the job done in the end

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    interesting position ,were u came out on top, what more can a person say..

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    Well Mike, since posting my game I looked at it with a chess engine and found an interesting mating net for white, which we all missed - enjoy!

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    Okay, got another one, my opponent made a HUGE mistake, which collapsed his entire defense. 

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    @ Gump - yeah nice triple fork there. I thought your pawn was hanging for a while and you maybe should have defended it with 7. bf4 - his b6 seemed a waste of time.

    He definitely shoud have taken on e5 with his knight when your queen attacked, thereby chasing your queen too.

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    For some reason I'm unable to post my games. I can't find the submit button once I get everything finished.

      Well, anyway, I have a 2-day tournament starting today. Wish me luck!

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    Once you've got to the preview step, click insert (bottom left), then click post comment. If this doesn't help you'll need to be more specific. 

    Which tournament are you in btw?

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    to post #961 you can play 2.Nf6+!

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    here's a game i just played. Can anyone help me analyze it and answer my questions? Thanks

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