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    new_at_chess wrote:

    here's a game i just played. Can anyone help me analyze it and answer my questions? Thanks

    you said "I don't think I was supposed to do that." but it is perfectly okay. It's called the King's gambit accept, I've played it a few times and had relatively good games, you just have to be careful that you can still develop. The point is for white to have you waste a turn by taking it, so that he can develop before you.

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    spinfidelety wrote:

    @ Gump - yeah nice triple fork there. I thought your pawn was hanging for a while and you maybe should have defended it with 7. bf4 - his b6 seemed a waste of time.

    He definitely shoud have taken on e5 with his knight when your queen attacked, thereby chasing your queen too.

    Yes, I was playing a three minute, and I'm not so great on short time, so I missed the hanging pawn until I looked back on the game. I was surprised he didn't take it though

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    comments in the game,.. :)

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    Thanks a bunch for these comments mate i really appreciate your effort :>There are 2 things i want to explain though.The reason of ..10Bxc3 was to eliminate the only defender of the e4 square.(I used it for my white bishop in future)And i believe 15Qg4 was a good move all he had to do was to retake my queen with his knight.As i said i would still be up both in material&position but there would be much play left.Thats what i think atleast, would like to hear your opinions bout it :>

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    The Queen trade just puts a damper on whites chances to create complications. there was no need. granted the ?? is probably an overstatement but it was to make a point white is stuck with a passive position even after Nxg4 and no way to generate counter play.

    Your idea to gain control of the e4 square is good but I think that its not necessary to jump on that so quickly. you had other ideas to pursue that could have kept the bishop pair. 

    check out positions in the french and queens gambit where players jump on the pawn doubling and how a strong player plays the position. the weakenesses on the kingside arent going away and can be used later ..

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    Any one have thoughts on this game

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    Here's one of my (rated) OTB games I've played under long time controls (2h/40+1h) in 2005.

    A Dutch Stonewall example where White castled to the queenside, and how I dealt with this situation as Black. This doesn't happen too often in the Dutch Defence, but sometimes White players just don't want to castle to the kingside, where Black [i]usually[/i] attacks (not here).

    I've added many comments to many moves, why I played them or why I thought they were suboptimal. It's only my amateurish (~1850) comments, so on some occasions my comments may be wrong. Hopefully some of you can still learn something (e.g. if you're a Dutch player, too, or - if you're a queenside castler against the Dutch - what White should [i]not[/i] do). I must admit that I'm not 100% certain myself where White had played such a severe blunder that their position became so bad in the end, except maybe 19.b3?.

    Have fun :)

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    can someone analyse post 989 for me

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    As you mentioned, 4.Nxe5 was a mistake.  Also, keeping the d7-pawn pinned was not worth sacrificing a knight, as Black could have played c6 anytime after move 15, which would have broken the pin.  If Black had not played Ng8 on that move (which allowed 16.f4), then you would have had difficulty getting an attack.

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    Your opponent spent too long with his pawns and did not develop quickly, this shows he was probably less than 1750

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    we both are deffinately less than that, if it were any other day I would have, most of my games my pieces are out by move ten

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    really my longest was a tournament were it reached move81

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    hello, i nthis games i went from 920 to 956, enjoy!!!! 
    i finally reached 950 :D





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    Blitz puzzle

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    Eaglejorge, Please post games that are longer than 15 min for analysis? 1 min games have far too many errors to be relevent for anything other than perhaps opening analysis. In that note you made several mistakes in the first few moves. I notice you like playing ...f5 and have played a few people who hvae played the kings gambit. Keep an eye out for tricks with Qh5+ or Qh4+. the counter to this is sometimes g3 and if the pawn on e5(or e4) can not be taken an intermediate Nf3(Nf6) attacks the queen even if the knight captures on g3(g6) the queen may have to move away things can get tricky

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    Thanks TonyH, now watching the games I realized that most were played with the black  pieces. I mostly and only play 1 minute chess. I actually never play a game that lasts more than 15 minutes. But ...oh well, thanks for the suggestions and for your time to post.  

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