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We need more amateurs to post their annotated games.

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    @dchrist , white should have taken the draw around move 40. Two rooks on the seventh rank is enough to force you to draw.

    You should try post it here with diagramms, try downloading the pgn-file.

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    I thing this game is interesting,maybe 12.Bf6N will not have suggest with a good opponent and also I was thinking 12.Ne4

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    A simple mistake repeated many times by amateurs (myself included): My opponent attempted to avoid my preparation by sacrificing - it amounted to the throwing of a gauntlet "Off book, you cannot checkmate me because I will just take your pawns, expose your king and roll you." But this was totally wrong.  King safety is only secondary to material if the result of the sacrifice leads to checkmate or a serious positional advantage. CALCULATE the END POSITION. Not the intermediary checks - the result of those checks. Sound sacrifices are one of the major differences between intermediate and advanced players. Thanks for reading

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    A modern defence game

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    Here is another game. No computer analysis had been used. Comments are appreciated. 


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