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Win or Draw?

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    Hello guys,
    This position was the final position in a game I just won. I was white, and it was black's move. Black resigned. Curious to see if this was the correct move, I got a computer analysis, which claimed the game should have been a draw. But when I went over it myself, no matter how black moved it seemed to me as if it was white's game with best play. Who was right, and how might the engame have been played?
    Thanks a lot!

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    Absolutely, unquestionably a theoretical dead draw, regardless of who's move it is. The only thing two things Black needs to know is to move the King directly backwards and then oppose the enemy king when it moves forward, and whenever he can, move his king to directly in front of the pawn. A line might be:

    1. Kf4 Kg7! - moving the king straight back. Not 1...Kh5?? when 2. Kf5 wins.

    2. Kf5 Kf7! - Opposing.

    3. Ke4 Kg6! - Moving directly in front of the pawn.

    4. Kf4 Kg7

    5. Kf5 Kf7

    6. g6+ Kg7

    7. Kg5 Kg8

    8. Kh6 Kh8

    9. g7+ Kg8

    10. Kg6 with a stalemate.

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    Dead draw.

    The key here is to not let white get the opposition with his king on the 6th rank. For white to win, he needs to be a square directly in front of the pawn with the opposition, or two without.

    If the white king is on the same rank as the pawn and black can prevent white from getting into the above positions, it's a draw.

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    Yeah, I just went through it again myself. I realized that I never fully considered the simple option of the black king retreating, as opposed to moving side to side. That would explain how I missed it.

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