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Would you have taken my draw offer?

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    This game was absolutely crazy game that I played against a tough opponent. Feel free to add comments or your own analysis. It was one of the least boring games I have played. I was winning at some points, losing at others, and drawing at other points... but I ended up with the win.

    Would you have accepted or declined my draw offer?

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    has7 wrote:

    white did the right thing

    Okay thanks for your input. Can you show me a winning line from white where black plays accurately? The white king and queen are very much disconnected. a queen can not give checkmate alone in this position, and in order to create more passed pawns like white did it must give access to the black king helping in both sides promoting.

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    I'd accept the draw offer. If you had no knight I'd decline. The knight makes everything so much more complicated.

    Without the knight, the queen can win, or at least attempt to win without it backfiring as easily. The pawn will be looser, the king more vulnerable, you get the idea.

    As a side note, 61...Ne3 62. g6 Nf5 is easily winning for you. No need to struggle with more queens.

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    I would have mixed feelings. problably objectively the position is winning. I don't know about the time situation but. after 46.Kf2! I don't know what black should play to hold. your opponent tried with his queen allone wich didn't work butt after the king comes in I don't think black can defend. the mixed feeling is that he was losining almost the entire game and that he/she might be scared to fail to convert the win because if you're not accurate you might die to the 4 past pawns. on the side note. being up 3 connected past pawns is no reason to sac the exchange. if you just move the rook he's just 3 pawns down and can't do a thing. you can say you just gave up 2 of your three pawns. also why didn't you play 20. d4 creating 2 passers wich seems easily winning.

    I would play on because I think I can win it with white ,the position is winning, and even if you screw up you usually have a perpetual

     I'm really intrested what you would play after Kf2

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    uhum 20 d4 fails because e6 hangs butt preparing this advance seems way better than Rb8

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    I would have accepted the draw but I also would have played

    61.g5 Ne3 without a doubt.

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