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2 minor pieces vs a rook and a pawn

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    This is a game I recently played. It shows good use of 2 minor pieces vs a rook and an extra pawn.


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    in your comment on 38th move it was of course better to defend the pawn with knight.rook couldnt run away and you could play Kb8 next move.anyway after capturing rook,i lost interest to the game since white is easily winning.

    i think on 31th move white should have fixed you weak pawn on b6 with 31.a4! and then take it. 31.a4 Ke8 32.b3 and then 33.Rb7 and 34.Rb6 white must stand slightly better since he has a minor material advantage and your weak pawns need to be defended all the time against rook threats. 

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