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A lesson in taking time to find the right move

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    This game I am posting is a correspondence game I played yesterday. I thought I would share it to hopefully help people to take their time (especially in a game where you usually have 3 days to make a move!) and not make that move you think will just win you material.

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    On move 8 and 9 I think I would've done exactly the same as white. But after 9..Qa5 a bell should ring that 10.exf6 isn't without risk.
    White was probably too happy with his e5 discovery to let it go.
    I think you played a nice and sharp game, keeping in mind the Qa5 possibility on move 7(Bb4)

    ps. I'm not sure about 11.. g5 in the blue lines. Bxc3 immediately looks better to me at first glance, so you can still castle without too many weaknessess.

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    Thanks. I figure I would probably have done the same with moves 8 and 9 as well. On 11...g5 I think the King would be ok in the center at that point.

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    Nice Scheme evolving from a somewhat complex opening, White just fell apart allowing a brutal finish for black !

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    Frankly, the title (and premise) are rather silly.

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    Thank you mateologist. I like your profile picture by the way. Very entertaining haha. Gotta love Snoop.

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    Looks lie Kayberg86 is chasing white around the board pretty good , great move on play 6 from black

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    nice sequence & thanks 4 sharing!

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    I'm not an expert but 10.Qd4 works and if anyone goes through the move sequences I discovered, it will be seen why 11...g5 was played. The results were similar as with 11...Nxc3 or 11...Bxc3+.

    I recommend manually clicking the moves rather than using auto mode. Please feel free to catch any errors in my findings.

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    You got an error in your Brain at that moment.
    The move is a Blunder, alright, but seeing you having a rating of 1780 ( and provided you are not a new member or leaved Correspondance Chess for a long period of time  ) I assume that you had an error in your Brain.
    Taking the Knight is absolutely not mine ( and your ) first reaction in that Position - in normal circumstances.
    The Position is not complicated as well, so... the Only Explanable reason to me is that you had an error in your Brain.

    What I ofcourse can do now to shape my Hypothese about this case a bit more, is seeing how many Correspondance's you currently have Smile

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