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A memorable... loss?

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    Okay, so I'm what they call a slow thinker - I'm no good at blitz. In fact, my CC rating on this site is about 1000 points higher (!) than my blitz rating. The following 5 0 game is a good example of why that is. It's a rather one-sided pounding, until the very end, where the winner is finally decided.

    To tell you how close it was, I had already made the move 51... Rh1 before the white sign popped up to say somebody had won. I thought it was me, but upon further inspection, it turned out that I had missed my chance by a few tenths of a second.

    I'm only going to play games with second increments from now on. Yell

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    By move 20 I thought "How are you going to throw this away?".

    Then the rook combo came in and I was thinking "ah".

    Then you won it back and I was thinking "????"

    I only read the text under once I'd finished the game!

    Still, 50 moves in a 5 0 game isnt too bad. You must be a bit put out though!

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    on move 8 you had Bxh3 winning a night and if it takes then it is mate.

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    TheWinningGenius wrote:

    on move 8 you had Bxh3 winning a night and if it takes then it is mate.

    Um... the d-pawn was in the way, and when I moved it, the white queen took care of the threat by moving to e2.

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