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A nice game.

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    All in all, I think it was a pretty nice game. I lost my queen, but I had enough compensation (a passed pawn and a rook pair) to win. My opponent did make some serious blunders, though. Comments welcome.

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    Try more study, and less play.

    That game was a bit ridiculous, from both sides.  Sorry.

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    I love how descriptive these Game Showcase people are. Makes my day.

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    21)...QxBb6, and the game is effectively over.  

    Both sides' knight sacs (on f7 and f2) were silly, and unnecessary.  Both players should have continued developing their pieces, instead of giving up tempos and (mindlessly) exchanging pieces, or sacking knights.

    Descriptive enough?

    Paul Littlewood, Chess Tactics (1984, & 1992), and Jeremy Silman, Essential Chess Endings Explained Move by Move (1988) will quickly turn you into a USCF B Class player.

    So what are you waiting for @Coggie?  Hit the Books.  Smile

    Best of Luck.

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