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Double Sacrifices!!

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    Not perfect chess, as it was a blitz game.. But I'm very proud of finding that sacrifices.

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    Yap, even after the Rxf7 it's still a draw (according to stockfish, needs accurate play of course)

    Stockfish shows b7 +0.4 and Rxf7 0.0.

    Yes, 26...d5 is the move that will hold the game, but again finding the refutation in blitz game is not easy, especially both of us are low rated player (patzer).

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    pfren wrote:

    25.Rxf7 is definitely not 0.0. White may draw this after 26...d5, but he must play quite a few good moves.

    Factly, I won't be suprised if a deep analysis reveals that white is losing by force...

    My 3.00Ghz with 4GB memory computer shows -0.04 after a few minutes, maybe you can post a screenshot from a beast computer maybe?

    This is stockfish evaluation anyway, don't know about Houdini.

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    pfren wrote:

    I don't really give the slightest F$%k about what engines say in such endgames.

    This one is either drawn, or losing. White is clearly on the receiving end.

    In the past, I have seen engines giving 0.00 in endgames which are dead lost. They get more sane only if they are run for a couple of hours, and their plies go down, and down.

    Yeah, this kind of sacrifice will not work on your level, but since this is a BLITZ game and both of the players are patzers, that kind of thing is worth trying.

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