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It's all about the timing ...

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    My game has slowly been improving recently. Hours and hours spent on tactics trainer, chess mentor, with my instructor and playing through master games is slowly starting to pay off. Consequently I have played some games of which I've been quite proud: a plan was in evidence, even if suboptimally executed. This is NOT such a game!

    In this game I butchered the opening, captured with the incorrect piece, leading to the loss of a piece, rather than exchange then managed find a smothered mate (having missed it a move earlier!)

    Why am I boring you with this and this, frankly, awful game? Because right at the moment I spotted the smothered mate, into the playing room walked a GM I know slightly. He came over to my board and all he saw was even material (my opponent had blundered back the piece) and me delivering smothered mate!! He congratulated me on my win. Truly,Laughing timing is everything.

    (Time control was G/90)


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    Smothered mate is such an interesting way to end a game of chess. A minor piece ends it all. Also I like double check when the king has no free spot to move and obviously both threats cannot be blocked. 

    And congrats on your timing. I've never met a GM but my second cousin is an IM. That must have been cool. Smile

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    Timing is a huge part, very difficult to get right.

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    yes...the smotherd mate is awesome!  many strange moves in this game.  enjoyed it!

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