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KG as Black

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    roi_g11 wrote:
    Irontiger wrote:
    roi_g11 wrote:
    Irontiger wrote:

    In your diagram, 19...Bg6 ?? is just a tactical blunder. 19...c5 is better.

    I must admit White has some counterplay though, I thought he couldn't push the d pawn that easily.

    I agree Bg6 is bad, but black doesn't really have an active plan and white has a long list of good moves

    Black's plan : ...Bg6, then put the rooks on center files.

    White's plan : develop the Bc1 "somehow". The problem is to find a satisfying 'somehow'. What is your list of good moves ?

    But getting the bishop to g6 isn't easy, and putting the bishop there takes away the last square for the e5 knight, which is going to get challenged soon.  

    there are lots of tactics here so real calculation would be needed, but a general plan is to give up a pawn (or two?) to open up the position (which favors the bishops) to get the c1 bishop active...maybe after h3 bh5 nf5 c5...white could try b4-b5 (trading pawns on b4 is OK and I don't think the queen can take on b4)...R on a to b or d file...

    the knight on f5 could be trapped by Qf6 so the knight check on e7 might have to come first, or perhaps just play b4-b5 before playing Nf5 (or b4-b5 even before h3?)

    all of white's pieces have good activity

    OK, back to real calculations : 19...c5, your move. There is no trapping of the knight anymore, and ...Bg6 is threatened in one move.

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    If 18. h3, c5.  Then if 19. hxg4, cxd4; and if 20. cxd4, Nxg4 with Qg6 and Qh5+ to follow.  Where can the N go?  If 19. Nb5 (say), Bf5 hammering d3, and Qg6 (piling on d3) & Qh5 (attacking the weak k) is still a threat.  White's developement isn't cooperating and his k-side is almost stripped of defenders.  It only takes black 2 to 3 moves to implement some strong ideas; it takes white a few moves longer to do the same.  But black must approach this position with some energy, or white will have an excellent game in a couple of moves.  But I feel that the push c5 soon followed by Qg6 and/or Bf5 give black the advantage here.

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    pfren, do you mean the diagram in post 44?

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    pfren, I agree with both your statements.  It's just a random five minute game.  But thanks for the input; I missed Nh6+, but I didn't want the N to get to f5 in the first place.

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    Yeah, that's a lot of analyzing over a 5/0 game I played with no idea what I was doing.  The final position was unclear to me. Thanks for all the ideas.

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