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    Here's a different sort of miniature. My internet went out before I could play 14... Be7, officially beating the Fried Liver.

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    An hour or so of blitz this afternoon dropped my rating several dozen points. Even so, I won five or so games in under 20 moves. This game was the best of the lot:

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    Silly game I just played.

    I guess it's pretty bad now that I look at it. I think my play was good, though, and I haven't posted in a long while (not counting that "worst miniature" King's Gambit.) I actually don't know anything about this Nc6 line. Is it playable?
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    White's standard USCF rating is 2000+ (this was in a USCF-rated online tournament here).  Mine is in the 1400's.  

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    Here is a recent game I played, some days I'm really good and some days I get slaughtered.

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    The lichess online computer analysis says I goofed in a couple places.  But I liked this game just the same.

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    Just a 4/0 blitz game. My opponent played some strange moves.

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    I've been shoring some gaps in my understanding of the French Defense this summer and recently was looking at a move that I played several years ago in a correspondence game against the Alekhine-Chatard Attack. I had an opportunity to play it in this game, but still had difficulty getting my queen's rook into play via O-O-O. Even so, my opponent missed the necessary opportunity to interrupt his attack with a critical defensive move.

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