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    Coming back to this thread after a long absence, to post a short mate with the knight:

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    I went back and forth about whether or not to post this. It's not as pretty as some of the other games I've posted, but it's a quick was to a clearly winning position where my opponent resigned, my play seems to have been near perfect (though my opponent played very badly.) I guess in this example it feels like I "earned" less because my moves seem more obvious than normal, no surprising sacrifices.... I can't give any of my moves "!", but I haven't posted in a while and it's good play, so here you go.

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    It's good enough and better than some one move blunders I've seen here.

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    Thanks W-Luke.

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    A Chess 960 miniature.


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    I'm posting a lost game here, though not wanting to spend time on analysis now, just due to the unbelievable geometry of the mate that caused me to think for long that it was a bug in live chess (I had premoved Rxd8 in time trouble) until I viewed the game archive and saw what exactly had happened Smile

    (I did see that castling would hang the a-pawn, just thought that leaving the king in the centre would have been even worse.)
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    as it defends the pawn* forgive my mistake
  • 8 days ago · Quote · #5248


    I wouldn't call that tactic "amusing", as you did. Just basic.

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    Rushin' through the Russian leads to mate.

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    Very nice Mr. Wall!

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    "Sacrificial Silliness"

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    My player was from Finland, so I wanted to Finnish the game early. 

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    Fun game I just played.
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    I'll try to cut you some slack ytao given your rating and all, but next time please refrain from posting games where your opponent just offers you in a silver plate piece after piece after piece. It's a waste of both space and time.

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    Alapin French

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    A classic Classical King's Gambit Accepted

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