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Punishing the guilty

  • 23 months ago · Quote · #21


    "Harrassing the queen. I'm so glad that is legal (in chess)."

  • 21 months ago · Quote · #22


    when black tries to avoid the exchange of queens you refer to your queen as good and the enemy queen as poor when urs is on its starting square while whites is in the center..

  • 21 months ago · Quote · #23


    LOL, very funny annotation :-)

  • 21 months ago · Quote · #24


    lol great commentary

  • 21 months ago · Quote · #25


    Definitely! One of the most amusing annotators on this website. "Now that development is complete" after black goes 1...d5 is a rare gem...

    "Queens are best at retreating" is another one :-)

    And his play is actually not THAT bad - but it's funny to have one user who wears "the fool"'s hat so convincingly. It does take talent. Keep them coming! 

    (FN, I would actually be happy to have you annotate one of my own games, if you have the patience - go into my forum posts and pick up the one you like best - hopefully a game with at least 25 moves...)

  • 21 months ago · Quote · #26


    For move 15, better was Bd6, you could have won a queen.

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