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Tactician playing positionally. High level game!!

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    As the title says, I'm a tactical player, I love complex positions and unsymmetrical structures. However, this time I decided to play positionally since my opponent had a bishop pair against my pair of knights. How did it go? Well, I won, although my opponent looked pretty confused as to what to do.

    I think I played really well (it was a 30|0 game), although I made an idiotic mistake due to overconfidence - 40.g5?, after which black goes 40...h5! and the position is totally closed and I don't see any way of gaining a win (possibly I could still sacrifice one of my pieces to open the position, but that would be VERY risky).

    Evaluate, comment, analyze. :)

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    well played by you, but he played very poorly.. he wasted so many moves, especially with his knight.. the move you pointed out g5 for him would've drawn the game, well done regardless.. good victory..

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    My opponent was thinking for a long time before making any move but to be honest I couldn't understand why he made moves like these. I just couldn't get his game plan.

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    Bluebird1964 wrote:

    After g5h5, black is basically dead in the water. Big pawn on a8. One plan would be to place the white Q on b2, the other rook on a1. White kts e3 and b4 B on g2 and crash home by taking on d5.

    Blasck has no constructive plan and can only sit and wait. Its hopeless.

    Yeah, I wrote my analysis directly after the game. Indeed, black doesn't have enough space, on fast glance I actually thought he could converge his knight and other pieces to defend the important pawns. I sometimes have delusions like this. :)

    Another thing is, how could a player rated 1800+ play so bad positionally, his rook moves didn't make any sense whatsoever, and as I analyzed the game with an engine, he had several chances to take on c6 and try to do something constructive.

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    50. Rxg7 wins am I right? 
    Nice game though, but after the g5h5 thing I think white is winning easily. 

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    Rasparovov wrote:

    50. Rxg7 wins am I right? 
    Nice game though, but after the g5h5 thing I think white is winning easily. 

    I see 50.Rxg7+ Kxg7 51.Rg1+ Ng6 52.Bh5 Rh8 53.Qh4 Rh6

    I think my idea of doubling rooks leads to a faster win. It's not like the king can run away anyways, so it's better to take your time and put all the pieces to his side. :)

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