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1000 signs you play chess too much

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    This might take a really long time, but let's post 1000 signs you play chess too much. Here's the first 5:

    1. Whenever someone says something funny you say, "That's what chess said!".

    2. You quit your job in order to practice chess 24/7 in order to become the World Chess Champion, but you live alone so when the tax-collectors come, you don't have any money to pay them so they take you to jail and they sell your house. FAIL! Tongue Out

    3. You make a chess-related parody to EVERY single song ever written (e.g. Push, Push, Push the Pawn, You Came in Like a Mating Net).

    4. You rob someone's house just so you can get a chess board signed by Lionel Kieseritzky (Loser of the Immortal Game).

    5. You have visions of giant mutant chess pieces being the dominant speciecs on Earth 500 years from now.

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