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What do you make of this? 4-move mate in a rated game repeated over 100 times

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    Sandbag or multiple accounts

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    HattrickStinkyduiker wrote:
    WebZero wrote:

    or you can let a program do that for ya. 

    Didn't think of that, that could be possible!

    it's not all the same game though, there's some that go to like 8 moves. it could be some genius scripting works I guess. but I really hope that it's not.

    There's also one game that made me laugh hard, because the wrong account won. In my mind I have this picture of some guy working his ass of grinding one rating point at a time, switching accounts every move.

    Then all of a sudden: oops, wrong account! Guess I'll play 15 more of these games to get back to where I was.

    All it takes is two computers logged in at the same time to chess.com. Cheaters are lazy not stupid. {Edit} However the cheating is stupid.

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