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4 week chess virgin catching fire but pawn play struggling

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    rmurray wrote:

    "this gift from god we call chess."    

    .....yeah, just one big happy family.  ?   "we" all love chess so much?

    ....it is painful to read this stuff, and hilarious.   ok, get ready,.... you're gonna get all the advice you will ever forget, and it won't make shit's difference in your game.  

    Wow, I'm not gonna retort with some defensive shot from the hip about your negativity and wonder why you would even post something if that's all you had to say, or wonder why you even play chess at all...I'm not I promise...

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    For females, it's someone who was never mated. For males it's someone who has never mated anyone else.

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    tjmaxattack1 wrote:

    I would say that experience and memorize specific openings is required to do well in chess. This advice would help from the basic chess player to the tournanment chess player.

    Hmm... No.

    Like, no, really not.

    Start with tactics, tactics, tactics, add a few basic endgames, then some middlegame plans (which already contains part of the openings). During all that time, don't memorize a single opening, just follow basic principles ("fight for center", "develops ASAP", etc.)

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    SupremeOverlord wrote:

    Is a "chess virgin" someone who was never mated?

    Both euphemistic posts were genius...

    My girl is actually a Czech-mate

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