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A couple questions on chess etiquette

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    electricpawn wrote:

    "This topic keeps resurfacing like a drowned witch. The only reason for this is that someone, usually the OP, has had what he thinks is a won game and can't believe their opponent is rude enough to continue to resist. Go clean that streaking mascara off your face, and finnish the game, Sally!"



    Actually I have never been bothered when my opponent does not resign in speed games;  it was more my unwillingness to do so, when down crushing material, so I was wondering if it were rude of me not to resign.  Heck, I have even won games where all I had was a king and a few scattered pawns and he/she had mate in one, but lost on time anyway!

    Funny thing about the game calling a game a draw when you have no "mating material".  But you *could* conceivably win with sole bishop or knight if it were helpmate, no?


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