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A good way to study?

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    I've started playing through some of the "Guess The Moves" games over at Chessgames.com (another site I enjoy). I think this is a fantastic way to study and is like playing a real game of chess.

    Does anyone else use this site? Or, I've thought about doing this with GM/IM games from my database or game collection books. I won't get a score, but the benefits should be the same. I can take notes while "playing" through the games to help the learning process. 

    What do you guys think? Is trying to guess correct moves of GM/IM games a good study plan? 

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    is ok, maybe better is to study your own games. 

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    kco wrote:

    is ok, maybe better is to study your own games. 

    Yeah, I go over my games too. Although, lately I've been studying a lot. Tactics, videos, books and going over master games. Sometimes, I think I like studying better :)

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    That's good.

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    Studying strong master games (say from the few decades before WWII) while also studying a good middlegame book would make a lot of sense.

    Serious appication like that, and lots of tactics work, would bring the average player up a class or two pretty easily I imagine.

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