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Aronian: Women Cannot Play Chess

  • 19 months ago · #141


    Even King Kong agrees (or is it Bigfoot ?).

    Chess is a man's world.

  • 19 months ago · #142


    Some girl called me a nerd because she saw me playing at work, I asked her why she didn't play and she said its a game for smart people.

  • 19 months ago · #143


    At least that's what many think.

  • 19 months ago · #144


    Scottrf wrote:

    You can't start a post with 'if we are to be scientific about this' and end it with 'the male will rise above her at least 8/10 times.'

    Thats my working hypothesis (science)... which by the way has been proving to be correct in the last 20 years

  • 19 months ago · #145


    Legally-Blonde wrote:
    the400blows wrote:

    Women "generally" will buy more shoes and gossip more than men.

    One of the reasons girls are so bad at chess is having to stay lip-zipped the whole time.

    Ill tell you what women are the grandmasters of though... excuse manufacturing.. always ready with an excuse at the drop of a hat! (I must admit the female brain is much superior at this than the male brain.)

    I dont know what circles you move in, but in my circles fathers spoil their daughters much more than the sons.... they dont tell them to shut up and goto the kitchen.

    Look at the Carlsen family... 1 boy, 3 sisters... All learned chess... Magnus rapidly overtook the girls, went on to deeper study and the girls all lost interest... a pretty typical scenario I would imagine.

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