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Ashley's Million-dollar chess tourney - but bring your own clocks

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    Doggy_Style wrote:
    pdela wrote:

    this last comment by Doggy_Style is a complete non-sense

    The word is nonsense, Mr. pdildo.


    perhaps the most succint, and thus best comment in the thread

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    FideiDefensor wrote:
    Irontiger wrote:
    maskedbishop wrote:

    I'm not sure about this one either. They can say whatever they like, but a good lawyer would be able to grind this one into small powder. If you don't want your image used...it's YOUR image. They can pay YOU a thousand dollars if they want to run it in an app.

    >Your participation in the tournament is your tacit consent that you understand that Millionaire Chess has the right to broadcast your image in conjunction with our event, promotions related to the event, on our website, through our social media channels, on our app, and any other media related to our event. <

    Ever heard of EULA?

    You seriously think such a clause cannot be enforced? You must be joking.

    What software is being used that makes this a relevant post? Quick!

    Who talks about software? The issue was about contract enforcement.

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    I did a podcast with Maurice Ashley last night, mostly about the tournament, which you might find interesting... http://tacticstime.com/podcast/maurice-ashley-podcast/

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    That was a nice interview Timmy. Thank you for sharing.

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    I agree! That was a very insightful interview and the MC team has a long term plan for the tournaments. This is not a one year deal. Thanks Timmy for sharing the link.

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    More pretentious posturing here



  • 7 days ago · Quote · #907


    rdecredico wrote:

    More pretentious posturing here



    Thanks, Credico-man.  That was hilarious.  As a resident of south beach I am very familiar with these sort of what I call "euro trash" come ons, but it's funny to see this aimed at the chess segment.


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    One problem with this world is the high hater-to-doer ratio.

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    I posted this on that post:

    That dude John Salisbury has his head in his duodenum.

    "Its not about the money its about the love of the game."


    The lies people tell themselves in order to justify their personal peccadilloes is always a source of entertainment to the enlightened.  

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    EricFleet wrote:

    One problem with this world is the high hater-to-doer ratio.

    Its not hate, its pragmatic application of an understanding of what is really going on and is going to happen.

    Stop creating false bifurcations simply because you unable to see the validity of another perspective that is successfully excoriating the silly notions behind this so-called "millionaire' event.

    When an engineer tells a designer that his bridge design is going to collapse its not hatred behind it, its from wisdom and knowledge generated from real world experiences.
    Calling those people 'haters' who are pointing out the serious flaws, pretense and self-absorbed ass hattery of this event belies a real ignorance and immaturity about the entire ordeal.


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    What about that lady in Schindler's List that pointed out the barracks weren't built on proper foundations? 

    She got shot.

    Imagine the pro Ashley side is much like the SS.

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    One whole thing that makes chess so special is that ANYONE CAN PLAY IT.


  • 7 days ago · Quote · #914


    This whole "millionaire" chess is the exact OPPOSITE of what someone such as Maurice Ashley should be doing if he really cared about growing the sport for the largest number of people.

    Except see, he found out he can't keep buying Italian silk ties by pimping it at that level.

    So now this whole 'chocolates on your pillow because you deserve them' type of pampering plays ONLY to those people that feel they do deserve to be treated as if their shit smells like fresh rose petals while also being able to afford it and pony up the big $$$.  It serves up  NOTHING to the overwhelming majority of people that love, play and support chess on ALL levels ... even those that like wearing TANK TOPS at tournaments.

    Its selling effetism and little else.



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    >One problem with this world is the high hater-to-doer ratio.<

    This is the current fad in non-argument. It's an attempt to chill criticism by calling anyone who disagrees or criticizes something a "hater."

    It's a silly and stupid tactic that will fortunately play out in about another six months. Mr. Fleet, if you have something constructive to offer, please offer it. This wasn't it.

  • 31 hours ago · Quote · #916


    >> It's a silly and stupid tactic that will fortunately play out in about another six months. 

    How are you so sure that it will fade out in another six months! If you check the registation list - 368 players from 33 different countries already signed up. 25 of them are GMs. Its only their first show where they are just warming up. In events next year there will be more registrants. And the investors behind it are very patient and not looking for any immediate return.

    I dont see why it will fade off.... in fact I see it will shine up with every event every year!

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    I don't see why it would fade. I think the first 100 players that signed up early became life time members. Which mean they get to pay 500.00 for for the upcoming tournaments. The best way to build a business is from repeat customesr and new customers. That was a great move from the organizer. The excitment from this year tournament will draw more players. I think a lot more chess players will plan early for next year event. In fact, I have talk to players who plan to play next year. I see in the 3rd year, if you don't sign up early you want get to play in the millionare.  

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    Isn't this thing in just a few weeks?

  • 14 hours ago · Quote · #920


    No! The tournament is in 3 months

    Oct 10th in Vegas.

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