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Best players never to become World Champion

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    Viktor Korchnoi for sure

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    chess ability = genius

    personality = Dracula

    love life = repulsive. if magnus is the adonis then Korchnoi is the radioactive, toxic cloud.

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    I read the threads and a voice came into my head that all this is futile. Each great player has to be taken in the whole context of their lives and what they were struggling against, country, majority, roles imposed on themselves by themselves, roles imposed by others, expectations, politics, health, economics, freedom to devote time to chess, and their great winning and drawing chess games are in these specific contexts. When dealing with that style of chess concerning competitive world tourney with all of its lighting, colours, press and spectacle...rules and so forth are they the wordls best chess players? They are the best of that type of chess of that specific and limited world, and the best in that. How would they play if playing a chess variant? Or play differently, chess compositional ability side by side with chess play ability? If the rules were how strong they were in two or more different kinds ofchess? How fully rounded intheir understanding of chess, its context, even its history, its potentialities, being imaginative in tweaking entire chess understanding and playing at a great level besides? The truly world greats, along these lines, who are they? they are also only greatest at a particular time also, great yesterday, not the greatest today, so how is the world's greatest? It doesnt exist! Great players are never the world champions then, as there will always be some unknown who could beat them somewhere, at some time, at some point, past, present or future on the planet as well and more to consider. They may be the best in a group that has the funding and publicity, and yes they are all the world's greatest, well that particular world's greatest, which by the way, apart from certain mistaken assumptions, is a rather cool world also and some great and beautiful games have revealed the chess depths.
      Thinking thus along these lines, I then thought, how am I wrong in this train of thinking? Or am I? is there really no world's greatest but only the world's greatest play working itself inconcievably out in others and through others at various times? What are the greatest games?

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    The best player never to become world champion?

    There was the crazy peasant who came knocking at Alekhine's hotel door during a tournament, saying he had found a forced mate in 12 for White from the starting position. Alekhine challenges him to prove it, so he does, several times. Then Alekhine calls Capablanca in and Capa can't find a defence either. So the two grandmasters look at each other...

    ...and then they murder the peasant, hide the body, and never speak of the secret again. Laughing

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    manfredmann wrote:

    +1 Smile


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