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Bill Gates vs Magnus Carlson

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    Morten86 wrote:

    From the interview:

    Host: You are obviously a very smart person, but when are you not?

    Bill Gates: When I play chess with him (Magnus Carlsen)

    Host: You wanna try?

    Bill Gates: well It's a predetermined outcome. 

    Host: We know it might be, but you should know that he played with Zuckerberg last week, and it didn't go well for him either, so you shouldn't be too nervous. 

    Bill Gates: When a player who's over 2000 plays players about 1600, it goes pretty quickly.

    I don't get this one...he means that his rating is about 1600? I hardly doubt that from watching that game hehe. Or is Zuckerbergs rating about 1600? Carlsen said earlier in the interview that Zuckerberg wasn't very good at chess, but that he learned quickly, so I doubt his rating is 1600.  

    and Magnus isn't 2000 either. Perhaps he was further explaining the terrible odds he had, if a 2000 almost always beats a 1600, imagine what a 2800 player does to someone much less than 1600.

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    Of course Bill Gates is "smart." Hell, he scored a nearly perfect score on his SATs, dropped out of Harvard and founded the world's largest tech company.

    He probably just doesn't play chess 8 hours a day. 

    It's like handing Magnus Carlsen a guitar and expecting him to play like Eddie Van Halen simply because he's "smart" and plays guitar once in a while.

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