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Bobby Fischer Greatest Champion

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    How could one be a "great champion" if he refuses to play as champion?

    Forget FIDE and title match disputes!  What about tournaments?  There wasn't an organizer in the world who wouldn't have met Fischer's demands for conditions and fees, just to get him there.  And he could have faced Karpov, and Korchnoi, and Hort and Gligoric and Tal, and proved himself dominant in the way Karpov and Kasparov did.

    If you want the "Employee of the Year" award, you might at least show up for work occasionally.

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    Fischer ws a professional. Once he achieved world championship, he would not and could not play for paltry FIDE Prize money! But on facts, no organizer offered a million dollor prize money!

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    Funny, I could've swore that Marcos offered $5 million...

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    Sure, Fischer was a professional.  A professional neurotic.

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