Bobby Fischer: psychopath!

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    I am convinced that a diagnosis of Aspegers is incorrect for our patient, Mr Fischer.

    Surely psychopathy is the illness here. This ego-driven chess player who says that he likes crushing the ego of his opponent [lack of empathy = psychopath trait one] and his risk-taking behaviour in playing the Nadjorf [risk taking = psyhcpath trait two] both show the illness at hand.

    So I conclude that Bobby James Fischer = psychopath.

    I submit my conclusion to peer review where I am sure that everyone is a highly qualified psychiatrist.

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    My favourite bit is your last sentence :) I'm sure you'll get many "professional" opinions :P

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    Well...being one way in a game and one way in real life nullifies that argument.

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    Yes, definitely! From what I remember of my intro to psychology class that I took years ago, psychopathy is some type of a mental illness that some people have, and Fischer was definitely a person, therefore highly susceptible to being a psychopath!

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    Dude playing the posion pawn Najdorf is not even remotely comperable to risk taking behaviour. That ussualy involves unprotected sex with strangers, drug use and assulting the toughest guy in the room just because he is there. Quit whining like sissy just because the best chess player of all time diden't have empathy and apperently diden't like jews very much.

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