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Breaking 1200

  • 17 months ago · Quote · #21


    I got condescending replies from janniktr and wasted_youth which I responded to with the like; I got a polite reply for Tyrrhenus which I reponded to with a joke; I got an incomprehensible reply from whyayeman which I didn't even attempt to respond to. You're going to have to tell me how I have been a jerk because all I can see is stupidity, arrogance and condescension on the part of others. I guess I just can't see it because I'm a jerk, right?

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    "I guess I just can't see it because I'm a jerk, right?"

    In a nutshell, yes.

  • 17 months ago · Quote · #23


    Grendley wrote:


    Rhetorical question - A statement that is formulated as a question but that is not supposed to be answered.


    • My rhetorical question: "Having a bad day, dearie?"
    • The underlying statement: yes, you obviously are (or you´re like this all the time)
    • Why you were not supposed to answer it: The only way that an answer would have made sense would have been if the following assumption were true - that you are not having a bad day (or are like this all the time), which it is obviously not.

    By the way, it´s "elaborate", without a "u".

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    What's incomprehensible about asking for clarification about a verb that is not in the English dictionary ElaboUrate What does it mean? Talk about a storm in a teacup lol
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    Any video or books that will improve your chess basics and chess general principle understanding will do.

  • 17 months ago · Quote · #26


    LongIslandMark wrote:
    janniktr wrote:

    Because he loses...

    He should have understood that a comment like this just invites an abusive response. Anybody who claims that they can't see that must be either stupid or trolling.

    What you should have said.

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    Tactics daily and analyzing your games. This is what I'm doing to improve. It takes time, but so far I'm seeing progress. Keep at it!

  • 17 months ago · Quote · #28


    I love you Grendly

  • 17 months ago · Quote · #29


    @einstein - we all love her dearley Tongue Out

  • 17 months ago · Quote · #30


    Thanks to all who responded. I specifically liked the "aww-rats" suggestion and the anti-blunder suggestion.Cool



  • 13 months ago · Quote · #31


    I know your above 1200 now, but I think you could benefit from GM Igor Smirnov's videos. They're great!

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