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BTB's guide to running a good group.

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    But you already thanked them before, why thank them again in public with nobody else really caring on how much you feel proud of them. The growing numbers of your group is another thing. Why not just say- "Well we got ourselves up to 55 members in under 3 weeks. We had a TM against team Greece (they have over 1500 members) and almost half my team joined. We are now outrating team Greece on our top 11 boards. When you get over 50 members you can start to have a few more TMS but not too much. Maybe 2-3 at a time"- Since that is what this forum is about

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    Why not post some more tips on how to run a group?

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    Billion_Tactics_Boy wrote:

    I am part of the ponziani power as well stormy knight!


    Of course you are, I believe you joined on my recommendation.  You are doing a splendid job too.

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    Well in our first team match I lost the first game after an embarassing missed mate in 1 (probably my worst loss ever) but then crushed him in our second game.

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    We have reached over 100 members. What is the best way that I can keep an honest membership now that many more will be joining. Please can more people join because I have a box of heroes at home which I won in a raffle and I do not want to eat them all at once and I promised myself that for every 4 members that join, I will have a chocolate from the box :p

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    Your doing excellent despite the other views! Keep the work

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