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Carlsen Supplies New Evidence That Chess Is A Draw With No Mistakes

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    ponz111 wrote:
    arkledale wrote:
    ponz111 wrote:

    If you think Carlsen made an error in the relevant games then point it out?

    But regardless of this, all signs point to 1. e4 being a move hard to win with if  you are playing against  a supergrandmaster who wants to draw.

    I honestly don't understand why you keep repeating the same wrong statement over and over again. Are you hoping that if you say it enough times it will somehow become true? Carlsen makes mistakes in every game though I am not strong enough to identify them. Leave Houdini running for ten years and it will find that many of Carlsen's moves are suboptimal. Evidence that is necessary but not sufficient is not enough to prove a theorem. This is very basic maths that any high school student should be well versed in.


    define "suboptimal" 

    Anything inferior to the objectively best move.  An example would be, "1.b3 may be suboptimal unlike 1.Nf3 or 1.e4 but it is very playable at any level" or, "This move may be suboptimal, but the complications created will force the winning side to dig deep to convert his win"


    You could be a pragmatist like Petrosian or optimalist like Kasparov, either way works so long as you aren't too suboptimal or waste too much time trying to be too optimal. 

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    Of course you realize that a move which seems suboptimal may not be suboptimal.  For instance if you are an expert playing a GM in a USCF tournament you might play what most would say is a sub optimal line in order to try and win.

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    Intentionally making a poor(er) move strikes me as a bad strategy

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    bigpoison wrote:

    Intentionally making a poor(er) move strikes me as a bad strategy

     You are correct in most cases but you have not seen my wins over players who are current GMs. It is unusual to make a suboptimal move in the opening but sometimes it is the best thing to do. [mostly it is not best]

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    As Nigel Short demonstrated recently...!

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