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    I found this beer koozie online and I bought it, it's awesome!  Haha, now when I play chess with my girl in starbucks and beat her, I just tap the koozie instead of saying 'Checkmate' when I win, hehe.

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    nice.  at snapfish.com you may customize your mug with any picture or image you upload ... the posibilities are endless. 

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    I got something from snapfish.com once and it was okay, but it was kinda cheap looking...

    I got this at epicdelusion.com, it's really nice.

    Here's the link http://www.epicdelusion.com/Checkmate-p/bk31.htm

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    Whoa dude. that is awesome but the pic took me 2 minutes to load.

    +1 mozart

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    oh haha, sorry man, any way I can resize it on here?

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    resized it

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