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    Where can I analyse a game and find the best move for a certain position? Can some people please tell me if this can be done on chess.com or is this only available on fritz or something like this? What program or website do you use?

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    Personally i use scid vs pc. Its a freeware chess program.

    You can find it here: http://scidvspc.sourceforge.net/ 

    Go to the download tab and grab the file for your OS. When you start it up choose the "Edit" menu then "Setup Board" or "Paste FEN" to enter your position. Finally use "Tools - Start engine 1/2" to start the engine (Some are included although you might want to download better ones - e.g. stockfish).

    Look at the docs on the website above for more info. 


    EDIT: You can also analyse whole games by "Edit - Paste PGN" 

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    Stockfish engine link : http://stockfishchess.org/download/

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    You can have chess.com analyze finished games. It's an option along with giving your opponent a trophy and finishing the game vs the computer which show up when you're told the game is over. You should still do your own analysis to compare with what the computers analysis. 

    You can download free chess software such as Arena and Winboard and then download freeware versions of world-class engines such as Houdini, Stockfish and Firebird to analyze at home with. Just type these (italicized) words into a search engine to find out more info and download sites

    BTW, don't rely on any software to unerringly "find the best move for a certain position" that's not happening no matter how many airheads here believe all chess programs are flawless and perfect on a 24/7 basis in all positions. 

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