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Chess and nootropics/drugs

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    OrangeHelsfield wrote:

     Try Eastern meditation or some sort of daily prayer.  The mind's form of rest and nourishment is sometimes different from sleep and substances.

    Thanks for the suggestion. It certainly sounds safer than pharmacology.

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    What is all this nonsense?  You should try a few glasses of whiskey and some cocaine.  It will do wonders for your "game."

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    ^ the coca leaf has been used by our brothers and sisters in peru for 1000's of years as a mental enhancement however our prison industrial complex plus good old pharmaceutical companies insured that herbal remedies like cocaine and marijuana were outlawed in the 30's

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    in the US our last 3 presidents have all used coca and/or marijuana.  meanwhile millions rot in prison for doing the same thing hmmmm

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    www.NORML.org national organization for responsible marijuana legalization

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    Taking drugs to play better seems like a bad way to go to me.

    Defining drugs is not easy. Caffein is legal, but you can use it as drugs if you take many caffeinpills. Marihuana is a drugs, but others use it for painrelief (medicinal use). Ritalin is a medicin, but some people snort it as a drug.

    Trying to boost the brain is not nescessarily bad. It is not easy to tell how and if the substance really helps you.

    Caffeine gives a boost, but very short and afterwards you are less focussed (the come down). Also you may be more concentrated, but are you really? And does it really help memorizing? I recall a lecture by a professor on drugs when I studied psychobiology (did not finish the study). He told how he used amphetamine to learn an exam in 1 night. Next morning he succesfully made the test, but long term he forgot all that he had learned that night.

    If you ask me it is best to just nourish your brain well. Eat healthy and diverse and very important: get good sleep!

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    Since the term "drugs" cannot be precisely defined as it differs between cultures, government regulations, medicine, etc.  Food is a drug, in many cases and sometimes contains many of them.  So when people are automatically responding with this negative knee jerk reaction, they may not be well informed.  There is obviously this dark stigma surrounding the use of drugs that has become so ingrained in the society as news so quickly informs us of all the negative consequences of its use.  I have no doubt that most people would have a different opinion if things were flipped and the news and social media talked more about how great they are and less about the bad stuff.  Apparently people aren't interested in good news so it doesn't sell.  I'm not trying to rationalize the use of illegal drugs for performance enhancement.  I'm just trying to say that the lines between dietary supplements and drugs may not be as clear as you think.  As long as they are not illegal, and/or not against the rules, I say go for it.  As far as nootropics goes, there is not enough funding or studies out there that have definitively proved one way or the other so its up to the "psychonauts" to cover some new ground!  What about the long term consequences?  People taking nootropics are aware of these, but it's with their discretion and not someone elses.  They will be the true frontier explorers in the realm of brain function enhancing potential.  Oh, but they're not controlled experiements and thus are useless -- well that's relative.  Observant, sensitive, and well documenting users may well be a wealth of accurate information.  With the advent of the internet and social media, more and more people are connected and able to share and compare their notes and results, scientists, and non-scientists alike.

    If you could eat a food that was gauranteed to make you twice as smart and it had no down side, would you eat it, or would you say, "nah that's cheating, I'm gonna go natures way."?  If you chose not to eat it, I think what would happen is you would find yourself within a very small group of people (those that chose not to eat it) that would be dumb compared to the rest of the population.  I'm not saying that intelligence is necessarily the best way to go, I'm just saying most people would probably eat the smart food.

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    monosodium glutamate and other excitotoxins are drugs commonly used in food which would probably do far more neural damage than most nootropics or natural plant substances

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    Fantastic post, gobarr!

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    I've played chess on adderall a few times and while it seemed to improve my focus and endurance in a sense, I actually didn't do as well. I played too paranoid in some positions worrying about my opponents counter play, and in others i was so focused on one idea or my attack that it was hard to take a deep breath and really look at and process the whole board. I play best when I'm sober, relaxed, and I feel like myself, it's easier to just be logical.

    When you play isn't it best to just be comfortable in one state of mind? Even if nootropics help you see more lines and improve your focus you still have to deal with the issue of dependency and building tolerance, and how you play sober may actually get worse which isn't something you want for tournaments etc. not to mention it's hard to see how they would help you long term and not just in the moment - opposed to just sitting down with a book or going over your games thoroughly.

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