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Chess Clubs in Orange County, California

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    Hello everyone, is there a good chess club in Orange County, California area? I live in Irvine and I'm wondering if there are good clubs nearby. I saw this place Chess Palace and also Hanley Chess Academy (website links below) which are more tutorial/rated tournament kind of clubs, but I'm mostly looking to meet people that are interested in chess and loves playing for fun on weekends, with a very club'ish environment. Thanks in advance! :)



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    Well i know their is a prison in Orange County!

    I figure those prisoners have plenty of time why not start up a club?

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    Looking for a genuine answer. Thanks

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    There's an Orange County Chess Club on Meet Ups that meets in the Panera Bread in the District in Tustin on Saturday mornings.

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    Thanks for the reply. Are you talking about the Peet's coffee hustler's meet every other night? :D 

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    Next meeting is Saturday October 12 at 10:30 a.m. at Panera Bread in the District in Tustin (2467 Park Avenue).  We have the large table in the middle.

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    PS:  Hope to see you there!

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    Thanks for the reply. I went to "Chess Palace" in Garden Grove, a neat little chess club and owned by a family of really nice people. Their membership is $170 per year and they have official USCF tournaments every saturday and wednesday night (1 tournament can go for a month), both these on nearly classic time control and a rapid tournament on Sunday. I haven't become a member yet but I'm seriously considering it. 

    Btw how many people meet on saturday in panera bread? How often do you guys play there? Is it part of a chess club? Please let me know. Thanks!

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    It just started last month. About 8-9 people showed up up. We're trying to grow it. Very casual. Google "Orange County Chess Club" and you'll find it easily.

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    Alright sounds good. Anyone interested in club chess should check out chess palace. It's pretty good. 

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    I'm one of the Peet's hustlers, but what makes me different is that I'm a tournament player. It's a 1400-1900 crowd mostly. Most of them are weak on openings, but have loads of cheapos/traps. Occasionally USCF masters will come by and play.

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    As for OC tournaments, there's only Chess Palace.

    I believe there's a La Palma chess club, but I've never been there.

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    @Lemmetrix Yeah they have some pretty good players and they are quite passionate about the game which is nice to see! It's just that I would prefer a club like environment and longer games and not just blitz all the time, although blitz chess is fun! 

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    Other than what has been identified earlier, Free Chess in Whittier might be of interest 

    Also check this link http://www.uschess.org/tlas/upcoming.php?STATE=CA-S it lists LA clubs

    yes ChessPalace is a great place and Hanley is good too. Though for adults ChessPalace might be the one!

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    on Friday nights a group of 8-9 players including myself play at Star Bucks starting at about 8pm. most the players there including myself have above a 1600 rating. The hiest rating is over 2000. 

    Its free

    Located at starbucks on state college blvd in fullerton ca. 

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