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Chess friend only plays computer chess

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    I have a friend who will only play computers, he will not play other humans.  What is wrong with him? He does quite well against "Shredder" and knows the computer's quirks so that he can draw it and occasionally beat it.  He tried the 2000 plus computer on this site and has had good success.  How do I encourage him to play other humans instead of only computers?

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    A nice girl could do the trick :-)??

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    If he only plays computers he is unrated. Convince him to be a ringer and lose some games on purpose to get a nice <1200 rating. Then go to the World Open next year and collect $10,000. 

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    He used to play the sandbagger ploy!!!  But when both he and his opponent were trying to lose, the game became ridiculous!

    Probably his nerves are shot, and you need strong nerves for the royal game!

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