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chess in art

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    Anyone to fight against Mike Tyson ?

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    In the town of Panavezys in Lithuania is this statue, a sculpture by Redas Dirzy, of the boxer Mike Tyson, playing chess and according to the text on the table : " I challenge you (!) to play...".

    See also    www.360cities.net/image/panevezys-the-old-riverbed-lithuania,   for a better impression.                                                       Any questions ? Ask me !

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    beautifull statue but strange choice Mike Tyson playing chess... The current world champion would be a better choice  dr. Vitaly Klischko .. he has a PhD in sports sience and philosophy.

    i copied this from... wikipedia:

    Both Vitali and his brother are avid chess players. Vitali is a friend of former world chess champion Vladimir Kramnik and the two have played, with Kramnik always winning. Vitali has commented that "chess is similar to boxing. You need to develop a strategy, and you need to think two or three steps ahead about what your opponent is doing. You have to be smart. But what's the difference between chess and boxing? In chess, nobody is an expert, but everybody plays. In boxing everybody is an expert, but nobody fights."[69]

    also european boxing champion of the past was a good chess player.. Max Euwe... :)

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    nice chessbase article is here with foto's .. for those who are interested :)


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    Mike Tyson was a strange choice.

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    In a few days I will post again chess paintings on this page.

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    Thx Tantale this is a very good forum-topic.

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    iam happy to see you back tantale also on jan timman studies  elsewhere :)

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    Yes, I echo the others ... great site and I look forward to more beautiful chess art :)

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    Your drawing on Karpov is great.

    I put it on the chess diaporama http://www.jmrw.com/Chess/Tableau_echecs/index.htm


    This the original

    If you prefer the original tell me.

    In 2005 I made this photo Of Anatoly Karpov:


    Now Kasparov, Fischer, ...

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    It is a very nice drawing of Karpov, partly (for me anyway) because it de-emphasizes his "fetus" look.

    (Is there a word meaning the opposite of a caricature?)

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    hi fburton... it's because you don't see his shoulders... when you see the relationship his head looks very big. (when he was young)

    Thanks Tantale, your edit of the foto is better... more contrast.

    i always liked the way Karpov looks during the 80's when i was young... i was for him during the K vs. K match.... so i don't realy like Kasparov :)  and i could not find a good kasparov picture to use...

    i'll try Fischer later... today i started another worldchampion...

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    Oh, j-pax : my immediate reaction : great !

    Emanuel Lasker, so close by and yet "elusive" as that is the good term I found in the dictionary for what I mean to say, in Dutch "onbegrijpelijk" en "ongrijpbaar", not to understand how he thinks and not to virtually touch... (let somebody else translate, please)

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    ah RomyGer.. i am glad you can see it is Lasker.... i would expect it because he's your favorite.... maybe it's interesting to post another photo before i finish it ??

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    @ j-pax : you're asking me to post another picture before finishing that drawing, but please leave it, it's good and any art is never ready, isn't it ?

    By the way, this topic is not only about Emanuel Lasker, it's about art in general, but nevertheless I will post two collages I've just made...

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