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Chess players paranoid thrill seekers?

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    I found this article kind of interesting. Even though it is not indepth, it presents some interesting ideas. What do you guys think? Do we secretly play chess for an adrenaline rush or do we really play for the intellectual stimulation? Maybe both?


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    this article is a tease...piqued my interest only to leave me wanting more.  I can definitely relate to the feelings of increased heart rate directly due to the increase of adrenaline. In essence the thrill of a great game is much like what the article purports it to bed. In conclusion i am surprised I am the only individual to reply to this article. As i am 100 percent sure others can relate.

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    be* not  bed ^

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    great article... i agree with it all.

    thats the beauty of the game.. it is both abstract/cold intellectual stimulation AND a violent firey battle! It build character and teaches you about yourself.

    I find myself sweating (even in winter) with elevated heart rate after a tense game.. it is definitely a rush. I have a good feeling after a complicated tense game (even if I lose) given I played to a very high quality/accuracy. But it feels terrible to lose cheaply.

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