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    Can someone please give some information when a player is ranked with an ELO & what are the typical skills they would have mastered with their equivalent rating?

     i.e. what are the typical breakthroughs/learning outcomes that a chess player would make when they reach a specific ELO class A, B,C, D, etc.

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    In Iceland there are some tournament that are with ELO ratings. Fx the big tournament like Reykjaík Open and the Icelandic team championship. The Icelandic chess clubs have there one tournaments too. The time is more often 90 minutes for each contestant and 30 seconds per move.

    1000 elo - know how the pices move.

    1200 elo - starting learning the basics.

    1500 elo - tolerable player, know  some openings and endgame tactics, not a beginner anymore.

    1700 - Pretty good player, just like me!(I have over 1700 here but 1550 elo. That's because I have played more games here.)

    1850 - Just a fine chess player that probably playes in clubs.

    2000 - 2000! many chess players goal!

    2200 - Good chess player.

    2300 - Fide master.

    2400 - International master. (+ 3 milestones)

    2500 - Grandmaster. (+ 3 milestones)

    2600+ - The best chess players in the world. (2700+ - Super GM)


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