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ChessCube vs Chess.com - which do you prefer?

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    but there is one more feature which chess.com does not have : full screen feature.

    in chesscube, we can enlarge our chessboard to completely fill our screen but in chess.com , it is not possible. i would really like this feature being added to chess.com . 

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    maxine_aue: i don't know, but I had made steadily gain in my cubits (got around 8k) but few months ago, it doesn't seem to keep going up, it got stuck.

    But I think it is because at login it gives you 25 cubits, but few months ago it used to give 25 + lots of small bonuses for stupid things like "play 1 game" or "play 1 tournament".

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    I prefer Chess.com.

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    maxine_aue wrote:

    Thanks for the info.  I did notice that we no longer get the cubit bonuses for playing one rated game or entering one tournament.  I used to sign up for a tournament then log off before it started, just to get the free cubits haha.

    But, this is how it is now:  we only get 140 cubits gross for winning a 100 cubit game.  This means the house is taking a 60 cubit cut.  I think last year we got 185 gross for winning a 100 cubit game.

    Am I remembering this wrong?

    The only time they take no cut or a negative one is when VIPs play games for free, or when VIPs play a 25 cubit prize game.

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    The ONE AND ONLY thing in which I feel chesscube is better than chess.com is that players can play Live Chess960 there.
    Chesscube is no match for chess.com in most of the other significant aspects tho, like simplicity, security, maintenance, active forum, more titled players, livestream tv, articles, groups/team, correspondense chess etc etc etc.. and most of all, the cubit system of chesscube is a pain in the neck..

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    i say chesscube

    i liked the cubit system that was a few years ago know its shit but im a vip and i dont have that kind of problem plus i can earn chess videos buy playing and not paying on chesscube the players are stronger of course chess.com has tactics trainers but i go to chesstempo for tactic which there if you have a premium account is better for chess metor i use the chess combat simulator or try to make a plan from a position in a master game.The tournaments are better the server hasent annoyed me like chess.com.And what i like the most is that the rating system is better then chess.com.

    The only up side is that chess.com has a forum that most players read only reason why im here.

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    chesscube seems to be more aggressive in seeking your money...

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    no, in y opinion, chesscube is much better. chess.com sucks. you can see it on your own : http://www.chesscube.com/register/?referrer=konstantino07

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    I was a regular Chesscube user. Not anymore. I now prefer Chess.com for various reasons:

    • Most importantly, Chess.com is not only available on your smartphone, it allows you to switch from one device to the other during a live game. I can easily switch to my phone if I have to move away from my PC and continue the game on my phone without a hassle! The other way round is just as easy too. Now, you can't do that on Chesscube yet. In fact, disconnecting and reconnecting on Chesscube can be nightmare.
    (Edit: Chesscube recently released an android app but it can barely match the functionality and features of that of Chess.com app)
    • Chess.com is kinder towards users who have disconnection issues. It allows 5 minutes for reconnection. If you are living in India and rely upon the state owned BSNL Internet provider, you will know just how helpful this provision is! Thank you, Chess.com!
    • Chesscube runs on quite a buggy software. There have been logging in issues, lags, disconnection problems, clock and timer glitches (don't be surprised if you lose a game on time even if you still had ten minutes on your clock). Chesscube has released updates but these problems have not been fully resolved yet.
    • While both Chess.com and Chesscube have premium memberships, Chess.com doesn't harass you to buy 'cubits' or any currency. It allows you to play games without a cost whatsoever (keeps the chat and notation window open too). Chesscube on the other hand is desperate to make money. Auto-closing the chat and notation window is just one of their stunts to force users to buy VIP membership.
    • Chess.com seems to have a more realistic rating system compared to Chesscube.
    • Chesscube surely has a superior user interface, however, it does not yet have the wide range of features which even non-premium members can enjoy on Chess.com.
    • Besides the ordinary user interface, the only other thing that you might not like with Chess.com could be that you cannot 'seek' a game like you can do it on Chesscube. The server finds a player for you and you are expected to play, not abort. In fact, aborting is strongly discouraged on Chess.com (I just realised it). But of course, you can configure rating ranges, like between 1200 and 1400, and the server will pick a player for you in that range.

    Overall, Chess.com is straightforward, very user friendly, is designed and works in the best interest of Chess.

    Chess.com: 9 out of 10 (-1 for the ordinary user interface, sorry )

    Chesscube: 6 out of 10 (without its attractive user interface, it would barely get 4)

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    I like chesscube because its ratings are closer to fide ratings.

    But chesscom is my main chess site.

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    For all those who say chess.com Live interface is simple, I highly disagree, infact I find it more eligent vibrant and over all better than chesscube after a few tweaks. Here is a side by side UI comparison.



    Themes can be changed on both sites, chess.com has readymade themes and it can be cuztomized aswell.

    ChessCube reminds me of Poker site with it's annoying cubit systems and advertisements below the screen. Not the best Chat support for non VIP members.

    PROS: I do like the Seek option. As I tend to know who I am playing with and I can manually select players I want to play

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    2. People who are already in my friends list I can PM them without waiting for them to accept it. Like most Internet Messenger feature.

    3. Lots of interactive Chat Rooms. And I can also see who all are present in the chat room

    4. Has Chess 960 Live & 30 sec + 1 sec timer games, WarZone Tournament

    5. Quiz on CubeCafe (Although chess.com has a section altogether for this but it is not as active and lively, plus you get Quiz prizes like VIP membership or Cubits)

    CONS: 1. Unhelpful moderators, can be very prejudice at times. Very unprofessional Support team. I remember a former mod/staff "Sansen" aka Judith Ezra from Israel, called me "hairy smelly Indian from a country for rapists" once. I even reported this incident with screen shot to the support team, no action was taken.

    2. Bad server response time: For someone with a low bandwidth speed, it takes forever to load and sometimes get stuck.

    3. Ineffective Cheat detection and Invading of privacy. They have a bug that they use to hack into your system to detect the chess engines/programs running in background invading your privacy during the process. But if you rename the programs in the processes tab then the bug which are looking for progs running in the background, they will see only innocent looking processes that would be running on any PC and will not detect as a cheat.

    4. The emphesis was so much on design that it lacks simplicity for new users (non tech savy). Most of the settings does not have any name, they are just shapes and diagrams.

    5. Their approach for charging customers to get premium benifits. (Which to me doesn't seem like a logical investment like paying for new chess pieces and boards theme and have access to couple of smileys in chat, I can live without it's premium features).



    Pros: 1. Implementation of COMP5 (It's a huge break through)

    2. Simplicity, Security, Maintenance, Active Forum, Livestream tv, Articles, Correspondense Chess

    3. Groups: Great way of socializing with others also we can play Group matchs, form Leagues for Live Tournaments (mostly hosted by DHLC Swiss and World Standard Time Control Chess Club) and post feeds and use live chat in groups.

    4. LOT of title players participate like Anand, Nakamura, Jeremy Silman, Irina Krush, Thomas Rendle, GM Joey and many more. The pool of talented players here compared to ChessCube is much more. Two reasons why ChessCube players appears to have higher ratings is because a) they start with 1500 which is 300 pts above this site and b) they don't have game format specific ratings.

    5. Has it's own App which is richer in it's features than ChessCube.

    6. Provides great training support with Chess Mentor, Tactics Trainer and has online Coaching facility by GM's and other titled players.

    7. I like the new Auto Resign feature. If someone purposely is not playing/making you wait till the timer is up can get auto resigned.

    8. Allowing multiple premoves: helps me a lot in bullet, since I have slow net and it manages to somewhat compromise with the response time lag.

    9. I am used to chess.com graph seek on Live games, one major plus I found is that while you tend to click on a non graph seek bar the requests keep moving with a fast pace, so unless you click on it really fast you are bound to click on someone elses request which you did not originally intend to click. THIS does not happen in graph search since it visually appears to be much more organized.

    10. Has chess relayers that does the coverage of FIDE international Tournaments.

    11. Last but not least best Staff/Mods. Very professional and kind with their approach.


    1. Chat Room from Live is taken off

    2. List of users available in chat rooms were not shown in an organized and simplified way. It only shows all the users who are online and due to heavy crowd, it is hard to track specific users unless they are on your friends list.

    3. Alert's feature is sometimes not so alerting, maybe a different alert sound would help which a more vibrant highlight to draw the attention. IDK maybe it's just me.

    4. Private Message feature requires approval to send message even for people in buddy lists. I don't find this logical, since we are already friends, I would prefer it to work more like any other Internet Messenger,.

    5. No live 960 or 30sec|1sec timer games.

    That is pretty much what I can think of. Over all Chess.COM (Interface wise/Feature wise) beats ChessCube in every aspect.

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