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Common rating plateaus

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    I don't know about plateaus, but I am still trying to figure out how my blitz rating apparently starts at 1200, and I have a pretty decent 42-28-3 record, yet my rating has dropped to 1135? ;)

    My "standard" rating of 1400 is closer to my old USCF rating.

    Also, ratings seem to be relative.  In the boonies, they mean less, for example.  I am a 1400-ish player but I have played at a 1750 level in one tournament in Athens, Greece, and I have a winning record versus a 1900 player in Wyoming in the handful of games we played.

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    RobertJack wrote:

    When I first started playing chess I was stuck at that 800-900 range for well over a year. Then some of the intermediate tactics started to stick & I quickly shot up a over 1000 in a short period. Then only a few months later I reached the elusive 1200 mark and have been there for about 5 years (though sometimes I don't play for long periods, like entire years after I "quit"). These ratings are not official, but I have pretty much the same rating on chessmaster 10, 11, grandmaster edition, & here on chess.com. And when I used to play on yahoo I was rated around 1200. That seems to be my ceiling.

    I have also noticed that on chessmaster I can win or draw any opponent under 1300 and only lose if I am really not focusing. But, I have never had a victory against any of the 'personalities' over 1300, either losses or draws [(mostly losses) but I did get a draw once agains a personality rated over 2000 (game was only 23 moves and it forced the draw on me via 3 fold)].

    As I understand these ratings are benchmarks. I could be wrong...

    below 800 you know the moves and the rules.

    800 - 1200  beginner

    1200 - 1600 intermediate

    1600 - 1800 expert

    1800 - 2000 strong expert/master

    2000+ - Master/IM/GM

    But do study chess like endgames, strategy and tactics?

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    That's who I am getting matched up with.  Not like I chose to play the 800 rated players...

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    btickler wrote:

    That's who I am getting matched up with.  Not like I chose to play the 800 rated players...

    I guess you already know it, you can set a rating range of opponents here.

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    If one is playing in blitz tournaments, how does one avoid the 800-ish players in the sub-1200 tourneys?

    You are right, though, I don't use a rating filter/option even outside tourneys.  It seems elitist, somehow.  I just play the people I am presented with and I don't cherry-pick opponents to nurse my rating.  I am starting to gather reading the forums that the rating system as it sits fosters players that coddle their ratings.

    Maybe you can help me with that...I notice that you recently gained 30 rating points by beating the same player 9 times in a row...nicely done.

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