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Defense and Calculation

  • 22 months ago · Quote · #2


    Interesting to see that the one who post this forum about improving on calculation and defense was now a chess master.

  • 22 months ago · Quote · #3


    maybe because he didn't get any advice off this forum, I don't know

  • 22 months ago · Quote · #4


    LoOl he got pissed that no one answered and he was like ''I'm gonna show you bitches.. one day ya all dead!''  Nice improvement..

  • 22 months ago · Quote · #5


    And I was ready to recommend reverse tactical exercises where it's the defender's turn to move and Aagard and Lund's "Right Decisions" CD as some of their calculation exercises emphasise defense too =(

  • 22 months ago · Quote · #6


    1900 to over 2300 in 15 months. That's extremely impressive.

  • 22 months ago · Quote · #7


    I would recommend doing lots of TT and tactical exercises from books.

    Good luck, and hope this helps!

  • 22 months ago · Quote · #8


    ok now dat u made from 1900 to 2300 in like just over a year u got tips for da rest of us pls???

  • 22 months ago · Quote · #9


    absolutely, I would like to know what exactly happened in the last 15 months to raise the OP's rating 400 points! How exactly did he/she study, what did he/she do? Serious improvement there!

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