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Do men dislike losing to women,if so why?

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    Estrinian wrote:

    Men dislike losing. Losing to a child, male or female can happen too. Who are these people that like losing?

    Exactly. Show me someone who doesn't hate losing and I'll show you someone who does it too often.

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    If a cat beat a dog at chess, is the dog supposed to be happy about it ?

    just my 2 cents.

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    And how would I know for sure, what sex the opponent was - this is the INTERNET! Honestly, if you beat me, it`s alright, if it was your mind or my blunders, only would dislike if the opponent used a computer, but that I wouldn`t know either...Undecided

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    stop dragging gender into everything as an issue. most men I know hate losing, period. I don't play differently against different players based on gender or anything else. I'm rarely if ever even aware of the gender of an online opponent; I don't ask, don't care. The fact that you brought up gender means it is an issue for you. Lose your obsession  with it. 

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