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Do you hate or love your opponents?

  • 21 months ago · Quote · #121


    I love to hate them and hate to love them...

    When you dont like your opponent there is a juicy/spicy tension to it all... like when you prick a delicious (still sizzling) steak and the fatty juice squirts all over the place...

    During the game youre sweating.. your adrenaline is surging through your thickened veins... you stop blinking and go into trances... imagine crushing the smug little fool opposite you... your heart racing like a computers processor, between moves when you need a rest from calculation your mind wanders to that magical ethereal realm of fantasy ... of possibilities... imagining the humiliation of the opponent as he begs for draws and desperately searches for magical saves and stalemates, his eyes frantically wide jerking itself around the beautiful net you put around him, admiring the position youve engineered. Magic............ OHHHHH I goto start a game right nowwwww!!!!!!!!! with someone on my "friend" list hahaha lets not  kid each other... it is an "ENEMY" list....

  • 21 months ago · Quote · #122


    If I sat across the board from you, you would definitely win. I would be laughing and wincing too much.

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