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Does fate (or destiny) play significant role in the success of Carlsen?

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    mrhjornevik wrote:

    I think we describe two different type of people. You describe a type that fall from the ladder say "bad luck" and dont learn anything. I Describe a person falling off and say "I will nedd to watch my footing better in the future, im unlucky." 

    ...and I am saying that this person does themselves more good by saying "I will need to watch my footing better (or whatever other action is deemed to be needed) in the future, I made a mistake.".  One pretends that capricious fate led to the problem, the other takes responsibility for it.  "Watch my footing" is not specific enough.  Falling off a ladder that way means you did something wrong...turning around on the ladder, standing on the top step, standing with all your weight on one end of a step, planting the ladder on uneven/soft surface, etc.  It can be identified and specifically avoided.

    The same can be used in sporting events. If your team is doing good, there is no need to analyze and questing what you are doing. Its better to just keep on doing the same

    This is another faulty premise ;)...but I don't want to start another tangent.

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    yeah!!! I think it's right but, there something odd. do u know, maybe he use book or anything else that all of us did'nt know. that why he always at the top in playing chess...

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    Methinks that in the ladder example, the "bad luck" was not falling from the ladder but breaking one's leg when only minor injury if any was expected.

    Not that it matters much to the argument for sure.

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