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Double fianchattoed system (opening)

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    I am uncomfortable with this system of opening i dont know what should the general idea be in this kind of opening and what weaknesses can u induce in enemy camp?

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    Stop weakening your queenside voluntarily by moves such as b3 and c4 (together they cause a serious weakness), first.

    6.Bxd4 (?) is inconsistant with your opening strategy. exd4 instead keeps a better grip on the center, followed by Nf3 to solidify the pawn.

    9.Bxf6 ? abandons any influence on the dark center squares. Better Rd1 or 0-0-0 to recapture with the pawn.

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    b3 and c4 is a part on the opening.

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    Karpov plays that Opening.

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    Maybe it's playable, but I don't see what you get for that weakening.

    If you see it, go ahead. But 'XXX plays it' is not an argument to play it.


    And BTW, are you sure you do not mix it with 1.c4 and later on (not on the 2nd move) b3 ? Because the move could have a different signification later.

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    7.Nf3 -( this it's better than Nc3)

    8. Qc2? (and here Nf3)


    10.Ne2 ( with the idea of g3 and Bg2)

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    its nimzo larsen attack. Isnt c4 and b3 part of opening? Also vry helpful tips on the capturing. I guess capturing way and order does matter very much. Thank youl

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