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Fischer or Kasparov. Who's the best?

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    Fisher is the best player of all time.

    Kasparov himself was asked this question and considering his "arrogance" his answer says it all and he said "i don't know but I know the names of the 2 greatest players: Fisher and Kasparov."

    Magnus Carlsen has said that "Fisher was a little better than Kasparov at his peak" though Kasparov held on to his peak for a greater time. (fisher left chess)

    Taking inflation into consideration Fisher still has the highest rating ever.

    The difference b/t the rating of Fisher's second best and Kasparov's second best, is greater in Fisher's case. (In Kasparov's case it being Anatoly Karpov whom he beat only 7 times more in some 178 classic games)

    Fisher's personality type is the personality type with greatest intellect and strategic vision i.e INTJ whereas Kasparov is a very intelligent ESTJ. (but an ESTJ) (very intelligent STJ types are sometimes mistaken for NTJ types)

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    Fisher in a, lets say 50 game match with Kasparov, with both of them being at their peak might lose some 3-4 games initially with some equal number of draws and 1-2 wins.

    Fisher being an exceptional tactician himself would adjust to Kasparov's play but Kasparov not being a relatively equal exceptional strategist (again " ""relatively"" equal exceptional strategist") would eventually lose the match.

    One might argue that what about Karpov? He was very strategic and lost to kasparov.

    Yes but Karpov was not an exceptional tactician unlike Fisher.

    Fisher's play is one of the most complete and universal. Hence the trophy would go to Fisher.

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    'Magnus Carlsen has said that "Fisher was a little better than Kasparov at his peak'


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    Fischer because he was world champion.

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    MelvinDoucet wrote:

    Fischer because he was world champion.

    greatest comment in chess.com's history.

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